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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Coming up this week

Here's what's coming up this week at Pierce's Store.

Tuesday I'll be baking both panettone (Italian Christmas bread) and pumpkin seed bread. There will be blueberry scones and peach muffins, potato leek soup, and lots of cookies including my new chocolate coconut pecan cookies. There should still be some coconut macaroons and Russian tea cakes. Also, there is mushroom-leek pizza in the freezer. Cranberry sauce is in the cooler, along with black bean/rice burritos.

Wednesday I'll be baking apricot scones, and gingerbread (in little perfect-for-two pans). Soup will be split pea with ham.

Thursday I'll make the usual Anadama bread, as well as French bread, along with pound cake which will be available as either little perfect-for-two cakes or as larger loaf-sized party cakes. It's a great cake to top with fruit and whipped cream for a party. Soup will be corn chowder.

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